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Travel • Capture • Drink

I'm a travel enthusiast and absolutely addicted to photography. I'm in love with the quote of Francis Scott Fitzgerald "breathing dreams like air" because I'm a daydreamer for sure. Wanderlust - a strong desire to wander or travel and explore the world - is my favorite word.

I was born in Bilecik, one of the loveliest cities in my country; I live in Istanbul since 2000 however my heart belongs to Kaş, the most beautiful place in the world. I have to confess I haven't been everywhere but it's on my list.

I'm definitely a wine person but I can never say no to your invitation to the Oktoberfest and I always keep a bottle of Martini Bianco in my fridge.

Let's start listening to "Mad World" by Gary Jules, just buy a one-way ticket to anywhere and not come back for a while.


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